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Flower arrangements in glass containers popularly called a forest in glass, although in our opinion they should be called biosphere. It can be a very nice gift or addition to our interior. We have two things in one: a vase and flowers in this vase, which will definitely live and look beautiful longer than a bouquet of cut flowers.

With proper care, they can enjoy our eye for a long time and be a nice addition to living nature in our apartment or workplace. A well-cultivated biosphere will usually enjoy a dozen or so months.

We usually put compositions in bright places with diffused light. Avoid long-acting direct sun.

Biospheres are usually arranged in glass, non-outflow vessels to avoid problems with flooded tablecloths or furniture. Watering is usually one of the biggest problems in maintaining the composition in glasses. That is why we can distinguish several versions of containers and different treatment with water.

That is why we offer a few tips on how to handle water in this type of compositions to enjoy their charm for as long as possible

The basic advice is about watering: it's better to water less than too much. It is very difficult and sometimes even impossible to take the excess water out of the outflow containers.

Compositions (biospheres) can be divided into several groups due to watering:

  • - closed (biosphere) compositions
  • - semi-open (semi-open) compositions (biospheres)
  • - open (biosphere) compositions
  • - cacti (biosphere) compositions

We put them in places with scattered light.

Remember that it is better to water too little. You can always fill up the water shortages