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Flower arrangements (biospheres) semi-open

By semi-open compositions we mean compositions with a small opening from above or to the side of the container. Due to the fact that the smaller the hole, the evaporation of the water from the vessel is definitely weaker water the composition with small amounts of water.

The smaller the opening, the more rarely remembering not to pour the plants in a single watering "in reserve".

It is possible to sprinkle from time to time, but it is recommended to add water to the plants themselves, in the middle of the container the plants have sufficient humidity. We do it depending on the general conditions in the place where the composition is.

Heat and bigger evaporation we do it more often. We usually advise you once a week or two. The method can be the same as in the case of closed containers.

As in the case of closed biospheres, let's remember to polish out the excessively growing shoots of plants to initiate propagation in them

Remember, that it is better to water too little. You can always fill up the water shortages